• Kathy Fitzgerald

Why taking action on your ideas creates success

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

We all have great ideas that pop up in our thoughts throughout the day. For most people, it's as soon as they wake up in the morning.

So what do you do first thing in the morning? Before your first cup of coffee, before your first yoga stretch, before the kids jump on the bed (maybe not!) - but you get the idea.

What did Leonardo do?

Leonardo da Vinci wrote every idea he had down on paper. This is what helped him organize his thoughts and ideas and create works of art and inventions.

It's well known by researchers and the top #successful people that you must #write your idea down before it disappears. Keep a notepad and pen by your bed or kitchen table to write down those great ideas your mind came up with while you were sleeping.

What does this film director do?

Each time Woody Allen thinks of an idea for a movie he writes it on a piece of paper and tosses it into a trunk with all the other ideas he's accumulated. Every now and again he empties out his trunk to look through each idea to choose which one will become his his next project.

The Stickies - Post It Notes

Keep those little pads of Post It Notes or Stickies close at hand. They are small enough that you could have them in every room of your house and office. Write the idea down as it comes into your mind - stick on the fidge, bathroom mirror, laptop computer or wherever your notes are handy.

Collect your ideas

Take your notebook ideas and type them up on your computer, take a photo with your mobile phone, or write them up on a whiteboard or chalkboard. You'll find the best method to suit your own style. The goal is to get your ideas collected in one place throughout the week. Collect your stickies and post it notes and post them on a board or a wall, wherever you have the space will do.

Weekly sort through

#Organize your ideas into categories. See where your ideas are leading. You'll begin to see a common thread for some of them. This is the time to choose the ideas that really excite you. Work on those ideas that excite you and put the others aside for now. You might want to go through these again at a later date.

Your first action accomplished

Sorting through which ideas you want to develop is your first action item. Focusing on one is the is your next step. Good luck!

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