• Kathy Fitzgerald

When should boards review its Strategic Plan?

If your organization doesn’t have a Strategic Plan, do it now!

Make your next move count!

The Board and CEO need to start looking at making some changes when the mission and vision is outdated and hasn’t changed for 10, 20 or more years.

What happens when you don’t have a Strategic Plan?
  • An organization can tend to focus on and be reactive to immediate #crises on a regular basis.

  • You have board members with no clear #direction which can make it difficult to resist pressure from special interest #groups.

  • Dominant members can influence decisions.

Developing a Strategic Plan is crucial for an organization because it:
  1. Identifies #goals which can be narrowed down to three manageable components making it easier for the board, CEO and staff to work together and go forward in the same direction.

  2. Adds the benefit of board members and senior staff coming together to build a #plan that they can work on together as a team.

  3. Helps the CEO and staff work in tandem with the board because they are all working towards the same goals.

  4. Other staff members and volunteers will become more engaged and motivated.

  5. Donors are attracted to organizations who have a well defined plan going forward.

Getting started.....

Hiring an outside consultant to facilitate your strategy meetings will help you keep on track.

Plan a weekend retreat (do it all in one weekend) - or manage over a one to two month process in weekly sessions.

  • Hold group discussions on important components that the organization can work on and achieve in a three year time-frame.

  • Use a facilitator or #consultant from outside of the organization - they can organize topics for discussion from one session to the next.

  • Brainstorm to create a new mission and vision statement or stay with the present ones if that’s the option you choose.

A good solid plan keeps members and staff energized with a sense of accomplishment as each goal is achieved.

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