• Kathy Fitzgerald

Does your board have disciplinary measures in place?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Not all board members are created equal. Establish the rules of the game that everyone needs to follow.

Creating a code of conduct in your guidelines will help. You can’t always anticipate when a board member creates a situation that the board has not experienced before.

Handling a difficult situation for both board members and staff.

I can share with you one example where a long time volunteer held the role as chairperson of the committee for the annual #fundraising gala. His influence and support had helped this annual event raise significant funds for the organization. It was no surprise that the chairperson and CEO thought he would be an excellent addition to the board.

Early in his new role at the board meetings he began to make unrealistic demands to make changes to the management staff of the organization.

Imagine everyone's surprise when this friendly longtime committee volunteer had turned into a demanding board member intent on pushing through his own agenda.

It was a difficult situation for the #board to handle but together with other board members they were able to address the problem of this board member who had overstepped his boundaries.

This new board member was offered two options:

1) He was welcome to stay involved as a board member but must disengage from trying to influence the board on making changes to the organization’s management.

2) He could resign from the board and welcome to continue as a volunteer on one of the fundraising committees.

In this case he took the second option and resigned from the board, but declined to continue as a #volunteer for the organization. This board member had wrongly assumed that his past volunteer experience and relationship with key members of the organization would garner support for his demands.

A person with an inflated ego can disrupt an otherwise well functioning group of people which causes mayhem in the process.

Ensure your board has a solid set of guidelines for members to follow. Review these guidelines periodically and udjust them when new situations arise.

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